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‘Peckham’s own Derrick ‘Bel Boy’ Osaze

Derek ‘Del Boy’ Trotter was the wheeling-and-dealing star of Only Fools and Horses who was loved my millions – and Derrick ‘Del Boy’ Osaze is known as ‘The Punching Preacher.

He’s a fighter – and a minister.

The 24 year old targets a fifth straight win on Mickey Helliet’s show on Saturday, July 14 and when he isn’t throwing punches, Osaze is spreading God’s word.

He is an ordained minister who works for the God’s Vineyard Church in Nottingham where he settled after studying Business and Sports Psychology at Trent University.

Osaze says he “does a lot of youth work” – and insists there’s no conflict between his two jobs.

“Boxing is a sport to me,” he said, “and the idea is to score points and win. I’m not getting in the ring to hurt anyone. I do everything for the glory of God. Every win is dedicated to Him. There’s no contradiction for me.”

Osaze says it was his faith and boxing that saved him.

“I was thrown out of school so many times I lost count,” he said. “I was always in and out of trouble.

“I was surrounded by a lot of friends who were involved in gangs and friends were getting stabbed, dying and going to prison all the time.

“That was a normal thing for people growing up there. You get numbed to it.

“I always went to church, but it was when I went to university three or three years ago that I really became pulled into it.

“I was on my own and had to make my own decisions.”

Osaze has left his past life behind him – but not his nickname.

“Ever since I was a boy, I was always ‘Del Boy’ from Peckham,” he laughed. “I’ve watched bits of Only Fools and Horses on YouTube and it’s funny, but it’s not the Peckham I grew up in.”

Tickets for the show on July 14 are available from 07736 310293.