VIDEO: How on earth did Alex Saucedo survive Lenny Zappavigna’s fourth round onslaught?

WBN 01/07/2018
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Mikey Williams

Not much can be said about what transpired on Saturday night in Oklahoma as it has to be seen to be believed. 

In a barnstorming Arturo Gatti v Micky Ward-esque fourth round, super-lightweight Lenny Zappavigna beat the living daylights out of Alex Saucedo in what was a sickening barrage of punches.

A bloodbath is not a word used lightly for the entire fight, although for two solid minutes you had to question whether Saucedo was actually made of steel or stone. Only the cuts and bruises to his face signalled his humanity but Saucedo is one tough son of a gun.

The round is being well-documented in the media, and rightly so – backed up by the astonishing fact that Saucedo eventually came out on top when stopping Zappavigna in the ninth.

Both fighters displayed the scars of a serious battle, with Zappavigna announcing his hasty retirement at the age of 30 immediately after the fight.

Whether the Aussie could be persuaded back for what would be a higher profile rematch and a bigger payday is yet to be made clear, whilst Saucedo stands on the verge of a world title shot against Maurice Hooker.

Whatever lies in their future, boxing fans sure won’t forget their recent past in a hurry as Saucedo and Zappavigna take the plaudits from an all-out war.