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Home » Canelo fires DARK WARNING to Golovkin, promises NO MORE CORDIALITY

Canelo fires DARK WARNING to Golovkin, promises NO MORE CORDIALITY

The pair will meet again, one year on from their controversial first fight after Canelo sees out a six-month ban for testing positive for Clenbuterol back in February.

On their rivalry, Canelo said he will no longer be civil with Golovkin and his team as the Kazakh refused to participate in a pre-fight media tour.

Canelo plans to punish Golovkin severely for his decision to avoid a head-to-head before fight week, plus the middleweight king’s demands over the purse split which subsequently took negotiations down to the wire.

“I believe that cordiality we had (in the first fight) is over, as they keep opening their mouth. I don’t like to talk too much. Obviously, I get mad, but I can control myself when it’s time to box. That’s why there will be no more cordiality,” Canelo told ESPN Deportes

“I don’t know why they’re annoyed, if I’m the one that has made them the most money. They say that is not important, that they are not arguing about it, but it’s the first thing they are fighting for: the money, the purse. They only care about that. The hypocrisy is saying that is not important, that’s the first hypocrisy.

“It makes me laugh, obviously, saying that will happen when boxing is so unpredictable and so hard. They will not be facing the kind of boxer they have been facing. They know it. They just throw it out there, but they are aware of what they will be facing.

“No doubt this will be a better fight. The desire to tear his head off is so big, and it will be much better,” he added.

Golovkin is a much bigger favorite to win the second contest following Canelo’s troublesome year, although his Mexican opponent, a former two-weight ruler, has had a further 12 months to grow into the weight division.