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Home » Deontay Wilder airs views on why Anthony Joshua WON’T TALK TO THE MEDIA about him, REJECTS Eddie Hearn’s offer

Deontay Wilder airs views on why Anthony Joshua WON’T TALK TO THE MEDIA about him, REJECTS Eddie Hearn’s offer

The WBC champion was willing to travel to the UK to face Joshua in the biggest heavyweight fight in two decades, only to be handed what he has since labelled an unsignable contract.

Taking a far lower offer to sign a deal with no split, Wilder had expected the points in the contract to at least be 50-50 – if the purse wasn’t. Wilder revealed Joshua’s team inserted a one-sided rematch clause and wanted to hand-select the officials whilst refusing to name the date and venue for the fight.

The contract sent to Wilder was basically a blank contract with a number on ($15m), with stipulations that placed complete control of the fight with Joshua’s team.

With delays on both sides when picking up on these points, Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn eventually called time in order to secure an already agreed fight with Alexander Povetkin – which did have a date and venue for September – contrary to the Wilder fight.

Hearn then offered Wilder the opportunity to sign a two-fight deal with Matchroom to face a foe of his choice in October before Joshua in April of 2019.

Due to the sourness of the way talks ended, Wilder has now stated he has no interest in returning to the table.

“I don’t know if it’s true, but even if it is, Eddie can stick that contract where the sun don’t shine. We’re done with that,” Wilder told Sirius XM Boxing Radio on Friday.

“I have low-balled myself and they gave me low offers. I’m not gonna do this anymore. This is way too much.

“Me and my team are always coming together, always on the same page. You will never find none of my people saying one thing, then the next saying another. We are always talking to each other. With them, you can’t say the same.”

‘The Bronze Bomber’ added that he believes Joshua’s refusal to speak openly about the fight is down to his team, who Wilder says have put a block on him addressing media.

“They stopped allowing Joshua to make comments about me,” he stated.

“They get mad at him (Joshua) for speaking. He is the fighter! He’s the one risking his life in the ring. You’re supposed to have his best interest. You’re supposed to get him the most amount of money possible,” he added.

Listen to Deontay Wilder on Eddie’s alleged contract offer for April 2019

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