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Home » Deontay Wilder rejects two-fight AJ offer, Eddie Hearn conduct blasted

Deontay Wilder rejects two-fight AJ offer, Eddie Hearn conduct blasted

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Firstly, Anthony Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn released his side on the negotiations’ break-up. He proceeded to offer Deontay Wilder a two-fight deal to fight under his banner, basically.

Hearn said he would allow Wilder to fight on one of his DAZN shows in October for $5m before facing Joshua at Wembley on April 13.

This is something that won’t have gone down well with Al Haymon or US network Showtime.

Wilder responded to the collapse of talks late on Wednesday evening (US time) and looked to have moved on from the whole situation.

In a statement aimed at Joshua and Hearn’s handling of their negotiations, Wilder said he’s ‘moving on’ in his attempt to overhaul Floyd Mayweather’s 50-0 record.

“Dear Boxing Fans, Well, I tried… I tried to give you guys the biggest fight of your lives, The most exciting fight in world history,” said Wilder.

“The first undisputed, undefeated unified heavyweight champion Of the world since (Lennox) Lewis.

“They tried too, you know…They asked for jungle deep numbers to get out of the fight, not knowing we were hustlers, so we served’em (The Money in da bag)

“Just like a game of spades… What he (Eddie Hearn/Anthony Joshua) do? He just told a bald-faced lie. He’s not a stand-up guy.

“Instead, he wanted to fight in his country. I respect that. They offered me a ‘flat-fee’ (crack head money). Something equivalent to a pack of peanuts, a loaf of bread, and a jar of honey!

“Look, I represent the dirty south, and I am a product of my environment. Bama (Alabama) is where I made it out. This is survival food, so I’m used to it.

“So I said, give me the gun, I’ll do it. I basically took the lowest offer in boxing history for a unified title bout (brain dead).

“My team and I bent over backward, accepting everything they threw at us to find out this boy is terrified of me, p****.

“Three months of tea parties by grown men, and they didn’t even have the British hospitality to offer biscuits with the tea! – Damn.

“I said all that past s*** to tell the story and to apologize. I’m sorry, guys, they played us all.

“F*** ’em! We move forward, and the future is still bright 51-0 baby, let’s go!”

Anthony Joshua Deontay Wilder


Earlier, responding to Hearn’s continual denied that anything in writing was put up for the original $50m offer to Joshua, Showtime boss Stephen Espinoza replied to a tweet by saying:

“1. FACT: Wilder offered to provide security, and you didn’t respond at all.

“2. FACT: term sheet was sent, and you saw it. 3. Deontay has something more important than a contract: LOYALTY. You familiar with the concept? Didn’t think so.”

That prompted Hearn to give a further correspondence by replying: “1. I’m responding to comments that proof of funds was provided – no, they weren’t.

“2. I asked for a contract – this was flat out refused. 3. Does Deontay have a contract with Showtime? 4. Goodnight.”

WBN was told exclusively by Shelly Finkel that paperwork was sent and funds were fully backed up for the original $50m offer. This would have seen Joshua make over $100m for two fights to be held on either side of the Atlantic.

Regarding the UK deal, which Deontay Wilder had the intention to sign despite no date, no venue, no reply over the terms of a one-sided rematch clause. It was basically an incomplete contract.

Besides, the fight was only called off when the WBA got involved over a mandatory Joshua never asked for an exception for, according to Finkel.

Furthermore, it’s all turned out to be one big mess in the end. Now, it looks likely to see Wilder continue with his career and potentially turn his attention to sealing a future fight with Tyson Fury.

Phil Jay is the Editor of WBN. An Auxiliary member of the Boxing Writers Association of America. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay.