‘Britain’s Worst Boxer’ switches to bareknuckle fighting, debuts July 21 in Wales

Ringside 27/06/2018

The fighter dubbed ‘Britain’s Worst Boxer’ reckons he will be unstoppable – now he’s ditched his gloves.

Robin Deakin announced his retirement from boxing earlier this year after winning only two of his 55 professional fights.

But the 32 year old – who gave himself the ‘Britain’s Worst Boxer’ nickname – simply can’t stay away from the ring and will fight bareknuckle in Wales on Saturday, July 21.

Deakin will go into battle at Cwmbran Stadium wearing only hand wraps covering his knuckles and is promising to dish out a beating to his opponent, Connor McIntosh, a promising amateur boxer from Wales.

Deakin said: “I won’t lose at bareknuckle boxing. This is my game. I can take the pain and I can give pain better than anyone. I’m the hardest bastard out there and I’m going to put someone to sleep.

“I only said I was retiring for a bit of publicity and when I heard about bareknuckle boxing I thought: ‘Yeah, let’s do something different.

“I’m infamous for being shit, for being the Eddie the Eagle of boxing. But people don’t realize that I was taking on the best fighters out there without even training. I would go to work as a butcher, get a phone call when I got him offering me a fight and I would say: ‘Yeah, let’s have it.’

“I proved how tough I am in the boxing ring and now I’m going to show everyone what I can do.

“I’m going to show the real Robin Deakin. I’m not going in there to make up the numbers anymore, I’m going in there to win, to knock people out.

“I know I can punch and without gloves on, I’m going to put people to sleep.

“I’ve been in the ring with champions and these bareknuckle fighters don’t bother me. I’m going to shock everyone.

“I split up with my girlfriend and that’s given me a lot of anger. I’m going to let it out on July 21.”

Several ex-professional boxers and cage fighters have joined the bareknuckle circuit in recent months – including former English champions Travis Dickinson and Tyler Goodjohn.

Promoters insist the sport is safe with fighters taking ‘20’ counts after they are floored and ringside doctors able to stop fights at any time.