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Home » Eddie Hearn questions Deontay Wilder desire to fight Anthony Joshua

Eddie Hearn questions Deontay Wilder desire to fight Anthony Joshua

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Despite WBN reporting Wilder’s team stating their wishes to respond to contract assurances this week, Hearn has questioned Shelly Finkel and his team’s desire to make the fight happen.

Wilder gave a lengthy video interview expressing his views on negotiations over the weekend, leading to the Matchroom boss giving his retort.

“Let’s stick to facts. We made them an offer firstly. They didn’t even reply,” Hearn told Sky Sports.

“They made us an offer. We asked to see a contract. They refused to send one. We made them another offer, after nearly four weeks they accepted and asked for a contract, and we sent them one. If they want the fight, they will sign it.

“I can’t quite make out whether people are lying to Deontay about the negotiations or he is just completely deluded.

“I saw an interview with him yesterday saying he is actually two people, Deontay Wilder and The Bronze Bomber, so I’m siding with deluded. It’s not complicated – we have set out the terms of the deal, we put it in a contract and sent it to him.”

On a possible WBO and WBA mandatory fight with Alexander Povetkin for Josuha, Hearn added:

“He has now had the contract a week. We are getting calls from the WBA daily asking what’s happening. There are absolutely zero urgencies from Deontay and his team other than posting silly Instagram videos.

“The proof is in the resumes, and at this stage, I believe Deontay and his team do not want this fight.”

Hearn’s comments seem to be a straight retaliation to Wilder’s latest media blurb and are not representative of where negotiations are currently at.

Finkel is due to give a final statement on the deal either today or tomorrow, which will ultimately tell whether Hearn’s terms are agreeable for the UK encounter.