WATCH: Side-by-side IDENTICAL COUNT shows how Mike Tyson KO’D Buster Douglas FIRST in 1990

Tyson v Douglas 20/06/2018

Video showing both counts from the controversial 1990 heavyweight title clash between Mike Tyson and James ‘Buster’ Douglas clearly clarifies the championship of the world being defended in round eight. 

Referee Octavio Meyran is shown giving Douglas and Tyson counts well over the ten limit, meaning the latter should have been declared the winner of the contest.

Despite being one of the most famous knockouts in the history of the sport, the footage displayed proves Tyson was the winner via an eighth-round KO.

With his life spiralling out of control, Tyson lost his status as the number one fighter due to the controversial tenth round stoppage, which Meyran should never have been allowed to oversee.

A full thirteen seconds elapsed in both the eighth and tenth rounds as Meyran incompetently counted – something which with regretful hindsight could have significantly altered the course of history.

Watch the video clip yourself, which shows the counts simultaneously side-by-side.