WBC concerned as Jesse Flores competes 12 DAYS after KO, female forced to fight when PREGNANT

World Boxing Council

The World Boxing Council wishes to express its great concern about some practices that continue happening in our country, which are unacceptable and even close of being considered inhumane and criminal practices.

The sole purpose of a boxing body to exist, is to take care of the physical integrity of the athletes. The World Boxing Council, Fecombox, the Boxing Commission of Mexico City and many other commissions from various states have fought tirelessly to eradicate practices that put boxers at risk.

The time has come to take decisive actions without tolerance, since this cannot be allowed.

Some of the reports we have are the following:

1. The boxer Jesse Flores was presented on Wednesday, May 30 in Mexico City to fight with a license from the Boxing Commission of Morelia, which reported no anomaly whatsoever.

However, the Boxing Commission of Mexico City conducted the corresponding investigation discovering that the same boxer had been knocked out in 50 seconds of the first round just 12 days before.

The person who brought that boxer is Raúl Bucio, cheating the promoter Sports Promotions and putting at risk the physical integrity of the young man. The regulation states that when a boxer is knocked out he must rest at least 60 days.

2. The fighter Cinthia Cardona Ortega was forced to get into the ring on May 26 at the El Chamizal Sports Unit in Zamora, Mich., Which she did because of extreme economic need, without understanding the risks of fighting being pregnant.

The fighter has a pregnancy of 6 weeks and the serious thing is that the boxing commission and Guerreros of Zamora Promotions allowed this inhuman act but also only paid $ 2,000 of the $10,000 agreed.

We invite the national boxing community to join and be part of the solution to eradicate dangerous practices.

Promoters and matchmakers must be more careful when hiring boxers; managers must take care of their athletes and we must all denounce any practice that puts at risk the physical integrity of our fighters.