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Golovkin: What Canelo rematch means

Golovkin took time to talk about the fight itself that all the fans have been clamoring for “This fight is 100% for my kids, family, and boxing fans. This is history for me, I want to be part of great history.”

Golovkin is happy that a deal was able to be struck and seemed very confident in himself and holding out for as long he did, saying “Originally I wanted 50/50 but after some thought I understood that 55/45 was a good deserving number for both of us and if it didn’t happen we were ready to move on.”

Golovkin mentioned that he was offered different percentages such as 35% and 42.5% but that ultimately he thought he deserved at minimum 45% of the purse, saying “I am the champion, he needs to prove himself to me.”

The rematch will take place on September 15th at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, and be broadcast on HBO PPV.