Joshua v Wilder: FULL TIMELINE of TWISTS and TURNS so far

Joshua v Wilder 18/06/2018
Anthony Joshua Deontay Wilder

WBN has been at the forefront recently of updating on the Anthony Joshua v Deontay Wilder negotiations and still awaits further developments on the possible undisputed unification. 

A contract was expected to arrive at Deontay Wilder advisor Shelly Finkel’s office on Friday, and so far, there’s been no confirmation.

Sunday was said to be a day for movement on the matter, although it’s all be quiet on the Western front – which could be good or bad in equal measure.

Either Finkel is going over the paperwork with a fine-tooth comb, or there’s been nothing received as yet and means the fight is in danger of collapse.

Hopefully, it’s the former and fans can look forward to one of the biggest top division battles so far.

Here’s a full timeline of events leading up to this point:

March 23, 2018 – Joshua fires the first warning to Wilder.

Anthony Joshua WARNS Deontay Wilder on undisputed clash: Get SERIOUS or we’ll FREEZE YOU OUT!

March 28 – Joshua confirms intentions to open talks

Anthony Joshua recalls previous efforts to fight Deontay Wilder, fully intends to open talks again

March 30 – Sky Sports Head of Boxing Adam Smith says he doesn’t expect a deal until 2019

EXCLUSIVE: Anthony Joshua v Deontay Wilder COULD BE A YEAR AWAY, says Sky Boxing Chief

April 1 – Deontay Wilder’s team give the first indication they will accept a deal in the UK

EXCLUSIVE: Message to Joshua from Wilder team – ‘WE ACCEPT, send CONTRACTS immediately!’

April 2 – Initial talks and potential terms are revealed

Joshua v Wilder: Fans given REAL HOPE of UNDISPUTED clash as 60-40 TERMS and TALKS are revealed

April 3 – Wilder accepts a fight in the UK

Deontay Wilder releases statement on Anthony Joshua fight

April 4 – Joshua promoter Eddie Hearn reveals contact with Al Haymon

Hearn OPENS TALKS for Joshua v Wilder, reveals why UNDISPUTED clash NEEDS TO HAPPEN NEXT

April 5 – Joshua’s mandatory challenger Alexander Povetkin throws a spanner in the works

Povetkin demands threaten Joshua v Wilder undisputed fight

April 8 – Shelly Finkel outlines his reservations about Joshua accepting the fight

Shelly Finkel: Only way Deontay Wilder fight doesn’t happen will be down to Anthony Joshua

April 9 – Joshua rejects fighting Povetkin

Joshua DISMISSES Povetkin, wants WBA mandatory DELAY as Wilder undisputed OFFER is prepared

April 10 – AJ states he wants home advantage for the initial fight

‘UK first, then USA – If I was Deontay Wilder, I’d grab this great deal!’ – Anthony Joshua

April 11 – Joshua’s opening offer is revealed to be $12.5m

Joshua offers Wilder far less than Parker, can expect counter offer

April 26 – Wilder counters Joshua with huge $50m USA deal

Deontay Wilder counters Anthony Joshua by granting $50m MEGA-PURSE wish, sets DEADLINE

April 26 – Hearn asks for proof the money exists

SHOW ME THE MONEY! – Hearn admits interest in Wilder’s $50m purse offer, Joshua wants proof

May 14 – Povetkin representatives hold talks with Matchroom in London as talks stall

Hearn meets with Povetkin promoter Ryabinskiy, means one of two things for Joshua v Wilder

May 20 – A USA venue is effectively ruled out for the first contestJoshua v Wilder: Undisputed fight in jeopardy over US / UK venue

Joshua v Wilder: Undisputed fight in jeopardy over US / UK venue

May 21 – Team Povetkin await confirmation of September fight with Joshua

EXCLUSIVE: World of Boxing seek Joshua v Povetkin green light for SEPTEMBER FIGHT, unsure of Wilder intentions

May 22 – Joshua officially rejects $50m United States offer

Eddie Hearn explains Anthony Joshua decision NOT TO ACCEPT $50m to face Deontay Wilder in USA

May 29 – Wilder signals intentions to fight Joshua in the UK

Deontay Wilder says Anthony Joshua fight WILL HAPPEN, possibly SEPTEMBER in UK

June 2 – Joshua attempts to draw out Wilder with Povetkin threat

Anthony Joshua v Alexander Povetkin CLOSE as heavyweight king TURNS BACK ON undisputed Deontay Wilder clash

June 4 – Hearn states Povetkin fight is more likely than Wilder

Eddie Hearn says ‘at the moment it’s Joshua v Povetkin’, holds out hope for Deontay Wilder agreement

June 11 – Wilder accepts counter deal offered by Hearn and Joshua

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Deontay Wilder ACCEPTS Anthony Joshua terms with REMATCH CLAUSE for 2018 UK CLASH – says Shelly Finkel

June 12 – Wilder co-manager and trainer Jay Deas reveals terms of new UK deal

EXCLUSIVE: Wilder trainer Deas confirms Joshua offer is ‘WAY LESS’ than their $50m, looks forward to UK clash

June 13 – Finkel accuses Hearn of confusing fans regarding negotiations

EXCLUSIVE: Eddie Hearn CONTRADICTED himself on Joshua v Wilder NEGOTIATIONS – says Shelly Finkel

June 14 – Hearn says Joshua v Wilder reigns have been handed over to father Barry

EXCLUSIVE: Eddie Hearn responds to Shelly Finkel comments, updates on Joshua v Wilder talks

June 14 – Hearn says Cardiff in October or November are likely dates for Joshua v Wilder

EXCLUSIVE: Eddie Hearn on Joshua v Wilder CONTRACT, DATES, NEW VENUE and Povetkin DEAL STATUS

June 17 – Wilder alludes to the possibility of Joshua backing out of a deal

Joshua v Wilder: WBC Champ goads rival as undisputed agreement deadline looms