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Home » Lennox Lewis’ mother DIDN’T LIKE ME, so we NEVER HAD A REMATCH – reveals Vitali Klitschko

Lennox Lewis’ mother DIDN’T LIKE ME, so we NEVER HAD A REMATCH – reveals Vitali Klitschko

Klitschko was speaking with Sirius XM Boxing Radio after being inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame, stating his impressions with Lewis’ mother may have contributed to the bout failing to happen.

Host Randy Gordon asked the obvious question, with Vitali opening up on why he believes Lewis avoided a second collision.

Randy Gordon: “Lennox Lewis, he retired after that fight, he would not fight you again. Were you ever sorry about that, did you wanna fight Lewis again?”

Vitali Klitschko: “Uh, yes of course. Lennox Lewis after the fight promised me to give me rematch and I very appreciated I had a chance to fight the great champion, great fighter that’s in Lennox Lewis.

“I showed my skills and I beat him but they stopped the fight and I was really upset. Lennox was very happy, but after the fight Lennox told me, ‘Don’t worry, I promise you I give you rematch and we will fight again’ but, we made negotiation and Lennox invite me to his office in London to sign the contract, the fight contract for the next fight.


“I was surprised Lennox tell me, ‘Please we talk together just you and me, don’t bring the lawyers don’t bring anybody, we talk together.’

“I come to his office I was really surprised Lennox was not alone, with his mom. We talk about the next fight, I guess two hours and mom doesn’t say one word.

“They scanned me with the eye, and the mom from Lennox was bigger and wiser…I know his mom was always in camp, mom was always by Lennox’s fights.

“I leave the office, Lennoxcallsl me and told, ‘Vitali, sorry, I no fight you’, and I understand. His mom don’t like me and tell to Lennox, ‘Lennox, better not to fight Klitschko again.’

“Yeah I was a little bit upset but anyway thank you for Lennox, he gave me chance to prove my skills against best boxer in my career.”

Listen to Vitali Klitschko saying that Lennox Lewis promised him a rematch but then a meeting between he and Lewis didn’t go as planned, thus the rematch not coming to fruition here:

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