Joe Fournier defends himself as Nathan Decastro makes WBA accusation

Joe Fournier Nathan DeCastro

Joe Founier / Team Decastro

Joe Fournier has denied a shock accusation from undefeated super-middleweight Nathan Decastro of the entrepreneur bribing the WBA for a world ranking. 

Prior to WBN raising the question why Fournier was still ranked despite recently completing an 18-month suspension with NADO (a section of the World Anti-Doping Agency), BoxNation pundit Barry Jones tweeted a potential fight with Michael Page.

Whether mischievous in nature or not, Jones asked fans if they’d be interested in the two Hayemaker fighters battling each other on the back of MMA fighter Page making it to 2-0 in the sport at the weekend.

Responding to the post, Decastro, who says he’s 12-0 with 10 KO’s (7-0 on BoxRec due to not recognising some bouts), was quite brutal with his response to Jones.

“Both ridiculously s**** and to get the billing they do,” said Decastro before Fournier himself replied to the comment.

Labelling Decastro a ‘hater’, Fournier was then called out by the Lincoln man for a scrap in the ring.

“Forget the spar actually, we could fight?” asked Decastro, which prompted the following from Fournier: “Pal, never even heard of you and neither has most of the nation..

“Get in the queue with the unknown fighters like yourself that want to fight the number 10 WBA in the World!”

fournier tweet

Things turned nastier when Decastro then accused the former basketball player-turned businessman of obtaining his rating with the WBA illegally.

“You’re known as the fighter who has bought a ranking Joe, that’s not cool,” said Decastro.

“I would wipe the floor with you, if I didn’t I would retire. There’s no ego here so I’m not bothered whether I’m known or not.”

Fournier, 35, then posted a firm denial to Decastro’s allegation.

“Haters will always find a way to put someone down,” he pointed out.

“Some people say I’m a fraud and have no money and others say I can afford to bribe the oldest and longest standing boxing organization (WBA).

“And you should retire because you’ll never win anything with that attitude,” added Fournier, who is a firm friend to the recently retired David Haye.


Decastro then ended the argument by offering to step up in weight to light-heavyweight for a meeting of two unbeaten British fighters.

“I’m not a hater Joe, I respect any fighter. If you wanted the fight I’m available.

“I’m a fighter, not a talker, no egos I just love to fight. I’m 12-0 at super-middleweight. But will step up to fight you no problem,” he said.