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Home » Anisha Basheel floors Sam Smith, scores first round stoppage

Anisha Basheel floors Sam Smith, scores first round stoppage

A few more assaults and whipping in left hooks dazed Smith again and she could not continue in the very first round.

The contest between Linus Udofia and Eric Nwanko turned out to be a terrific fight as there was a hint of a shock in round one.

Udofia began to adjust but Nwanko’s hunting was working in spurts. Udofia powered through and started to slowly outwork a gassed Nwanko forcing him to take a knee in the third.

In the fifth, Nwanko was unable to turn the tables and Udofia upped the ante with an incredible three-punch combination to floor his opponent ending the fight immediately.

Tom Ansell continuously forced Fonz Alexander to the ropes where he was able to land thudding right hands flush on Alexander’s chin to drop him in the first.

Alexander backed off and became patient in the second and third rounds, occasionally landing combinations to open up a small cut on Ansell.

Making his opponent swing and miss, Ansell moved around the ring until he started to let his hands go again in the fourth, scoring a solid right hand to the body.

The tough Alexander made it to the final bell where Ansell won the fight 40-35.

Further action saw Fuaad Huseen initially struggled to adjust to an awkward defense of Edward Bjorklund. Huseen tried to rough up his opponent and saw some small success.

In the 4th, Huseen’s work rate seemed to seal the deal despite his opponent’s taunts throughout the fight. In the end, Huseen won on points 40-36.

Kicking things off, Chris Davies was clearly too quick for Callum Ide as body and head combinations were landed at will. Despite the onslaught, a cut opened up on the left eye of Davies as Ide started to land more in the third.

However, a relentless attack from Davies in the fourth secured a 39-37 points win.

Chandler Waller is a staff writer for World Boxing News. Follow Chandler on Twitter @ChandlerWaller