‘He won’t pick me up at the weigh-in!’ – Tony Bellew gives EXPLOSIVE view on Tyson Fury comeback ‘CIRCUS’

Joe Hewlett 14/06/2018

Lawrence Lustig

Tyson Fury made his first outing in almost three years, headlining the Frank Warren card at the Manchester Arena defeating Sefer Seferi within four-rounds. 

The ‘Gypsy King’ outrageously picked up his opponent during the weigh-in before touching lips instead of gloves at the beginning of the fight.

Despite a victorious return, Fury wasn’t allowed to get into his groove as Seferi threw the towel in as he stayed on his stool before the bell rang for the fifth-round. Tony Bellew, who sent David Haye into retirement, informed Pound for Pound Podcast that he wasn’t impressed by the viewing.

Speaking to Spencer Oliver and Jake Wood, the ‘Bomber’ said: “It was an absolute circus and don’t get me wrong I’ve been apart of a couple similar circuses myself but I’ve never picked a guy up like he was Cinderella, some of the things that were going on were bizarre – it took it to a new level, I’ve never seen anything like it in my life.

“I thought it was a little out of place and disturbing at times but ultimately, he got the job done – it was a freak show, it’s the only word I have for it. Everything was so out of place, it was daft, crazy. It was like he (Seferi) was happy to be on the show. He threw a couple of jabs and said no more.

“The first one is always allowed, he’s been out the ring for three years, the first one’s always a gimme, the next can’t even be in the same stratosphere as that guy. That guy looked like he had no amateur experience, no decent pedigree, let’s be honest the next one back has got to be someone who we at least know.”

Bellew has been vocal in demanding a fight with the fellow Brit and claimed a contest between the duo wouldn’t last the distance. Talking about his progression from cruiserweight to heavyweight, the Scouser admitted he’s beginning to feel comfortable at the weight and sent a stern warning to Fury about the attributes he possesses.

He said: “I just think I’ll knock him out, I’m not just going to stand there, he ain’t gonna pick me up at no weigh-in and he most certainly isn’t going to kiss me. I’m going to be absolutely honest, I don’t think Tyson is going to want to come anywhere near me.

“I feel stronger than I’ve ever have before and I’m hitting hard. I’m accustomed to the weight that I’m fighting at now and although I’m not a true heavyweight, I’m someone who’ll be faster than anyone he’s fought, more dangerous, take bar the Klitschko fight, his best win is probably Steve Cunningham and he slumped on his back.

“That was the best Tyson Fury that there was because he was in great shape, he was on a winning streak as he always done in his whole career, he was at his absolute peak against Cunningham and he was left flat on his back.

“Now if I drop you heavily like that, I don’t think there’s ever been a fighter I’ve dropped that I haven’t finished when they’ve gone down as heavily as that.

“From a general normal man’s point of view, I give him all the credit all the praise in the world but make no mistake Fury is not an in-shape world class fighter and he’s got a long way to come back until he’s anywhere near the level he fought Cunningham in New York or Klitschko in Dusseldorf.

“Go straight back to the gym, I’m very happy you’re back in the ring, I wish you nothing but luck but choose your fights very carefully because if you make the wrong calculation and take someone on you shouldn’t, you’re going to lose. I’m very confident it wouldn’t go to points if he faced me, I’d crush him.”

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