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Amir Khan reveals delight as Foundation completes work on Orphan Village in The Gambia

The state of the art Orphan Village has been created by the UK based humanitarian charity, Penny Appeal, working in conjunction with the Amir Khan Foundation.

The village fulfils a shared vision of the two charities to help transform the lives of vulnerable orphaned children, taking them off the streets and into loving homes.

The Orphan Village contains 10 Orphan homes, each housing 10 children who are cared for by a full-time foster mother.

The carefully constructed foster care programme ensures each child is given a fulfilling and loving childhood, catering for their physical, emotional and even spiritual well-being.

In addition, every single child in the orphan village will be granted a place at the best private school in the country, offering them the best start in life possible.

Just as Amir Khan is a champion in the ring, so too does he champion the work of serving those most in need around the world.

Leveraging his fame and fortune, Amir has dedicated much of his life to a range of life-saving humanitarian work, setting up his own charity and working alongside award-winning charity, Penny Appeal.

Amir Khan said: “It’s a dream come true for me. I visited the site a few years ago and it was literally a wasteland. Now, working alongside Penny Appeal we have been able to transform this space into a sustainable Orphan Village which will benefit generations of vulnerable children to come.”

Founder and Chairman of Penny Appeal, Adeem Younis, whose team oversaw the construction of the village added: “I’m delighted to finally see our vision come to life.

After years of hard work and dedication from both Penny Appeal and the Amir Khan Foundation, we have unveiled one of the best provisions for vulnerable children in the entire country.

The children who are housed here are treated as if they were our own, receiving the best facilities and opportunities we can offer.

There is still, however, much more still to do and I look forward to on-going partnerships with the Amir Khan Foundation and I’d like to thank all those who gave generously to make this dream a reality”