Without Gary Russell, Leo Santa Cruz is open to Abner Mares trilogy fight

Ringside 13/06/2018

Stephanie Trapp

WBC Diamond champion, Leo Santa Cruz has said it’s a pride and an honor to be the holder of this coveted accolade for elite fighters, after again defeating Abner Mares in Los Angeles, California in a fierce, mesmerizing and so very memorable war… especially reserved for Mexican warriors.

As the bell rang for the first round, the two of them touched gloves in mutual respect.

As the bell for round twelve tolled, they embraced, and when it clanged to end the tempestous trailblazer, they hugged, in well earned mutual admiration.

Leo was deeply moved by the response that the public had at the end of the fight. They got to their feet and gave both fighters a so well deserved prolonged standing ovation, which went on for minute upon minute. No quarter had been asked and none given. Both fought their hearts out, so much so that an astonishing 1,992 punches were thrown!

“I feel very happy and grateful to all the people. Last Saturday night was very special for me, because I not only came out with the victory but also I gained the affection of the public and that, I have no way to thank.

“Abner is a truly great rival and I know he gave of himself not only with his fists but also with his heart and if he asks for it and the public wishes it, we can do the third fight. Yes, we can!”

Without plans for an upcoming fight, Leo Santa Cruz was emphatic in saying that all he wants is to face the best of the division and therefore does not rule out anyone, particularly mentioning a partiality for fighting Gary Russell… soon!