Brent Rice faces tough Xian Qian Wei test on Aug 4

Ringside 13/06/2018
Smithy TGW

CHINA’S XIAN QIAN WEI will be to out continue Liu Gang’s formidable record in Toowoomba when his star fighter takes on Toowoomba’s Australian champion Brent Rice in an eight rounder on the TGW & Smithy Bring the Big Fights 20 card on August 4.

The bout looms as the toughest test of Brent Rice’s career. Xian Qian Wei has thirteen wins and one draw in 20 career bouts. He’s fought in seven regional title bouts. He’s won the WBC Asian Boxing Council Featherweight title and the WBC Eurasia Pacific Boxing Council featherweight title and he’s successfully fought in China,America and Thailand.

“This is a big test for me but one I’m looking eagerly anticipating,” Brent Rice said.

“We’ve won the Australian title and defended it now I want to take the next step in my career and this is the perfect stepping stone.

“Xian Qian Wei has more experience than me and has the big fight experience, he’s fought for, won and defended two regional titles and he’s won his past four fights.

“I respect him but I don’t fear him and I believe this is a fight if I perform to the best of my ability I can win.

“It’s an honour to fight against one of Liu Gang’s fighters, Liu is the biggest promoter in China so if I can win this fight it could open up opportunities for me in Asia.

“There is a lot at stake for me in this bout.

“I’m excited about the opportunity and the opportunities that could arise if I win this bout.”

The Brent Rice vs Xian Qian Wei continues the increasing rivalry and working relationship between China’s Liu Gang and Brendon Smith

“This is huge, it’s China vs Australia, it’s one of Liu’s brightest prospects vs one of Australia’s rising stars, Smith said.

“Liu Gang is China’s number one promoter and has one of the strongest stables in World boxing.

“More importantly he understands International boxing and has a very intimate knowledge of Australian boxers.

“He knows what kind of fighters he needs to bring here to be victorious.

“Also Liu has a formidable record when it comes to his boxers taking on ours.

“So far we’ve had six matches, three in China and three in Toowoomba and the Chinese have won four of them.

“Xu Chan handed Commonwealth Champion Kris George his only loss and both boys have gone to earn World ratings.

“Xu Chan holds a win over former IBO World Champion Jack Asis and Josh Baillie in China as well as Bai Shan Bo earning a victory over Steven Spark.

“Our only victories were Will Young when he defeated Xinghua Wang and Will described it as the toughest fight of his career and Jamie Hilt’s narrow win over Ya Jie Ding in round one of the super8 tournament last year.

“Any man Liu Gang selects to travel you have to respect,” Smith said.

Liu Gang believes Toowoomba is a great platform to launch his fighters onto the International stage

“When we came to Toowoomba it was the catalyst to Xu Can’s career taking off, now he has a very high World rating and he is now knocking on the door for a World title shot,” Liu Gang said.

“I’m hopeful Xian Qian Wei can follow a similar path.

“I think it’s very important to travel with my best and brightest stars.

“Victories overseas against the likes of former World champions, Regional champions, Australian champions, State champions helps lift my fighters higher in the ratings.

“That’s what we’re coming for, I love Toowoomba and its hospitality but we want to keep our formidable record in tact.

“Brendon Smith is a great promoter and a pleasure to work with – my promotional company – Max Power Promotions and TGW & Smithy’s Promotions have a great relationship which will continue for years to come.

“However all that aside when we come to Toowoomba we are coming to win.

“We want to fly back to China with another win, Liu Gang said.

Brent’s father and head trainer Bobby expects his son to rise to the challenge on August 4.

“This a significant challenge there is no question about that,” Bobby Rice said.

“However from the amateurs right through to the pro’s Brent has always proven the bigger the challenge the harder he works and the bigger the occasion he steps up his performance.

“I believe this will be no different.

“Brent needs to be at his best on August 4 as his opponent has international experience and 7 title fights to his name.

“We’re coming off arguably a career best performance against Brendan Saunders but now I believe we need to go to another level to win this fight.

“Every fight he learns more and every fight he improves.

“This one is no different, we know what;s in front of us, we know what we need to do to win so now we concentrate on our preparation so we peak on fight night.