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Mike Tyson: Fighter, Entrepreneur, Player

Perhaps we all have our opinions about the man, but the undisputed sports accomplishments cannot be questioned by anyone. After his professional boxing career, however, he has engaged in various projects and business opportunities as well as immersed himself comfortably into celebrity world.

As far as boxing champions are concerned, Mike Tyson is the one who escapes definition. Still holding a record for the youngest boxer to ever win a title, he has something to show as well as more than one regret. Not one shy about admitting his wrongdoings and speaking his mind, Tyson put his talkative nature to use and became a social media influencer.

He fell in love with various platforms some time ago and has been active ever since, providing an interesting read on more than one occasion. The former heavyweight contender is known for cultivating a relationship with his fans and likes to remind wider audiences he is still out there. It works well because fans’ sentiment seems to be quite favorable on his side.

Such might have been the case with the footage featuring a montage of Tyson’s glory days that have shown up online. The video became so widespread, it went viral, and the trip down memory lane awakened something nostalgic in the fans. It seems, some of them still believe he could make some waves in the business today, even though the soon-to-be-52-year-old Tyson hasn’t fought in over 10 years. People can’t help but dream.

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And if we ever see ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’ back in the ring, for promotional purposes or for any other reason, it would be a significant opportunity to make a lot of cash for TV stations, executives, PR companies and Tyson. It’s no secret that his fights always generated a lot of revenue, including real money wagers, so maybe for the fans, with a proper betting plan in place, they could make good use of the extra incentives offered by providers. Like with casino games where you have much to consider in bonus options, there are a few things to keep in mind with boxing as well to fully take advantage of potential opportunities.

Knowing Tyson’s stance on such things, he probably would approve and appreciate all the commotion. And who knows, if you saw the events in the movie ‘Grudge Match’ with Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro beating each other senseless while both were way past their prime, anything seems to be possible.

When it comes to Vegas, The Iron Mike does not just visit Nevada for the atmosphere, as he is no stranger to some good old-fashioned casino fun. And it is not only because of the popular ‘Hangover’ movie. Whenever he pops in for a quick visit or a good time, he is always surrounded by a flock of fans and rarely manages to come by unspotted. The special relationship the boxing world has with Vegas shouldn’t come as a surprise. After New York, many of the top events tend to take place in the Sin City area.

It’s a leading location for many occasions regarding show business purposes. Tyson explored the idea with his one-man-show that ran for several years. In the ‘Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth’ (and then Round 2), he would admit to not-so-admirable episodes and poor life choices, tell jokes, get emotional and share his stories.

The series aired on HBO in 2013. From the latest news, Tyson has joined forces with Kid Dynamite, who started a new venture involving recreational marijuana resort in California. Known as a strong advocate for the case, Tyson used the opportunity to make some money.

Whether you want it or not, Mike Tyson embodies the definition of celebrity these days. And that doesn’t necessarily mean a bad thing. As such, he still has something to say, and people seem eager to listen.

One thing is for sure: it isn’t fair to judge the former heavyweight champ in a simplified, one-dimensional manner.