WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Deontay Wilder accepts Anthony Joshua terms

Speaking exclusively to World Boxing News, Finkel has stated the fight, if agreed on Joshua’s side, will take place towards the backend of the summer.

“The story is very simple and that is Deontay Wilder today, accepted the terms that Anthony Joshua’s team gave us,” Finkel exclusively told World Boxing News in an interview on Monday.

“If for any reason Anthony changes his mind and wants to fight in the U.S, the $50m offer we have made to him is still there. It’s now in Joshua’s court.

“It will take place in the UK either September or October according to Eddie Hearn.”

On how the agreement came about from Wilder’s side, Finkel added: “They gave us an offer, we were hoping they’d accept the U.S offer instead because there’s so much money but instead since they haven’t we’ve decided that if you don’t want $50m then we’re willing to come the UK and take your offer.

“Hopefully, we’ll get an answer in the next day or two. Deontay wrote to Joshua and said ‘Hey, I accept your offer, let’s fight in the UK.’

“I met with Barry a week ago and we want the fight next, we’re waiting for the contract and we’re ready to go.”


And the legendary boxing manager and promoter confirmed there is a rematch clause inside the contract for another fight between the pair Stateside.

Finkel said: “That was in the offer, yes. They asked for the rematch to be in place, so we’ve agreed to it.

“We got two big punchers, big men, undefeated and have knocked out each opponent apart from one on each side – it’s a humungous fight.

“I talk to Deontay late at night and if he’s out I hear people in the background asking when this fight is happening, and I imagine Joshua is experiencing that even more so,” he concluded.