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Home » Lennox Lewis edited to be left hanging by President Trump

Lennox Lewis edited to be left hanging by President Trump

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Lennox Lewis recently got pictured all smiles at The White House next to Donald J. Trump.

The United States President announced the posthumous pardoning of fellow heavyweight great Jack Johnson.

The former undisputed top division ruler visited the President for a grave matter. The meeting came after campaigning for Johnson’s pardon alongside Hollywood actor Sylvester Stallone and current WBC heavyweight title holder Deontay Wilder.

Lennox Lewis pied edit

In a lighter moment, a boxing fan via social media spotted an awkward moment between Trump and Lewis as the now-retired legend reached for a handshake.

After greeting Stallone with the motion, Lewis comically reached in as Trump inadvertently moved away. This left ‘The Pugilist Specialist’ pied off.

Always one to take things in good jest, Lewis shared the clip on his verified accounts. Followers could enjoy what a classic moment was.

However, the video edit posted of the incident is now deleted due to the suspension of the account.

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