Timothy Bradley breaks down Crawford v Horn

Joe Hewlett 09/06/2018

Terrence Crawford (32-0) will make hope to pick up from where he left off in the light-welterweight division as he challenges Jeff Horn for the WBO welterweight title. 

Horn (18-0-1), who stunned Manny Pacquiao to pick up the belt last year, will take on the American this weekend, live on ESPN+.

Retired five-time world champion Tim Bradley has backed his fellow native to become a three-weight world champion but does not expect Crawford to have it all his way.

Bradley, who held the WBO strap on two separate occasions, was asked to predict the outcome of the bout and said: “I see the fight starting off kind of rough, honestly. I think Horn, being a bigger guy, likes to move in quick, likes to get inside early, likes to work the pace and dictate the pace.

“I think he’s going to try to close the gap on Terence really early and show him that, hey, this is a different weight class, this isn’t 140 pounds now, this is a different weight class and different type of weight. I think he’s going to try to push Terence back. Honestly, I think he is.

“I think Terence is going to struggle in the beginning only until he finds his rhythm. Once Terence finds his rhythm, meaning Horn’s rhythm, then I think things will open up and Terence can control the distance from the outside and time Horn as he comes in.

“At the end of the match, I think it’s going to be Terence Crawford with his hands raised. I think that Horn will put up a good fight, but I think Terence Crawford has too much precision, too much boxing IQ. He’s a great counterpuncher. He can punch in between shots. There are just so many dimensions to him as opposed to a guy like Jeff Horn.”

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