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Home » Tyson Fury: I’m taking over after comeback, like Muhammad Ali did

Tyson Fury: I’m taking over after comeback, like Muhammad Ali did

The 27 year-old, likely Ali between 1967 and 1970, has lost a big portion of his career (in quite a contrasting manner, it must be added) but says he can once again become heavyweight champion of the world.

“You have the lineal champion, the real Mac, who has been in exile for nearly three years, just like Muhammad Ali was,” Fury told The Mirror.

“Then you have the other guys who have done their thing in the meantime.

“But once I come back, I am back and I will take over again, just like Muhammad Ali did.

“This is about smashing people, it isn’t about the business side of things and getting the money things right.

“I will give them a hiding for nothing.

“Don’t let TV stations or rival promoters get in the way, I will fight them for free.

“Whoever they think the best is, send them to the Gypsy King and I will slay them.

“Over these next 12 months they are going to try to run and hide in the bushes.

“They’ll say it’s about money — splits, percentages, fees — but it’s not.

“It’s about two men standing in a ring and punching the s**t out of each other, and that’s exactly what I will do to those boys when I fight them.

“They’re going to get the best hiding they have had in their life.”

The journey begins for Fury this weekend against Sefer Seferi where the one-time unified king has to shake off the ring rust of 31 months out.