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Home » Tony Bellew fires David Haye warning to Tyson Fury regarding ‘fighting clowns’

Tony Bellew fires David Haye warning to Tyson Fury regarding ‘fighting clowns’

Fury has been all smiles, handshakes and hugs with Albanian cruiserweight Sefer Seferi, with Bellew not impressed by the choice of a man with only one top division bout to his name – a loss to Manuel Charr.

Referencing rival David Haye’s 2016 return from a four-year absence, Bellew said he could allow Fury a concession in this case but warned the 27 year-old he needs to step it up next time around.

“This guy he’s facing, he is going to absolutely blast him to smithereens,” Bellew said in his latest column.

“We won’t see any of the real Tyson Fury on Saturday. We will just see him look very good, which he’s entitled to after being out for the best part of three years.

“His opponent is a clown, but he’s entitled to pick him. Don’t forget, I criticised David Haye for doing the same thing when he came back. At least he fought a ranked heavyweight, even if it was someone who learned to fight on Youtube.

“I would have to class Fury the same as Haye if he picks another clown opponent. We can all get away with it once.

“He’s been out of the ring for many years, the first one is a gimme. But if he does it on the second one, that’s no good. That’s wrong too, because then you’re taking the fans for a ride.

“Making them believe something that’s not real. All he’s done is talk about Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder, but in reality he’s fighting a cruiserweight who nobody knows,” he added.

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