Exclusive: Ryan Walsh talks domestic featherweight scene, drugs in boxing and being avoided

Chandler Waller 08/06/2018

📷 Frank Warren

Ryan Walsh gave his opinion to WBN on where he belongs in the featherweight division, along with his big domestic rivals. 

The UK featherweight division is mouth-watering weight class at the moment.

British superstars Carl Frampton, Scott Quigg, Kid Galahad are making names for themselves with huge challenges on the horizon.

Walsh, who formerly challenged for the European title and holds the UK belt, is relishing a shot at the big names in his division.

When asked where he places himself amongst the others, Walsh exclusively told World Boxing News:  “They all pretend I don’t exist, no one really wants to fight me and I’m not big on fighting them unless they’ve got a belt.

“I liked Scott Quigg, I was sparring with him when he fought Frampton, he’s a good honest solid pro.

“I haven’t got too much to say about Galahad because I’m not a big fan of this system that allows a drugs cheat to come back after 10/12 months and its all dusted under the carpet.”

With previous experience of fighting Dennis Ceylan before he tested positive for cocaine, Walsh ripped into the drugs situation that sadly is creeping into boxing.

“If you’re a drugs cheat, get the f*** out of boxing, there’s no place for it in a contact sport, people can die.

“Taking drugs is just as bad as loading gloves and you should never be allowed near a boxing ring again, after all this is my view and that goes for all of them – if you’re a drugs cheat, you’re a coward, a weasel, get out of this sport.”

Walsh showed interest in seeing a rematch between Frampton and Quigg and believes it could come sooner than himself fighting the recent world title challenger.

“When it comes to the featherweight division, Quigg I think would be a great fight, I think he’s looking more likely to fight Frampton again – they’ve got the history, that’s always going to be a good fight.

“I rate the featherweight division domestically, I have done for the last two years, its one of the best divisions in Britain.

“It’s been solid and with Frampton and Quigg moving up it added that little bit of extra world class.”

Talk was high of a featherweight WBSS with UK names ready to sign up and fight each other.

Fans showed enthusiasm in the tournament which takes its second season in September, whilst Walsh also expressed his interest in the idea.

“I can only hope there’s a WBSS British version because if I got the call they can fit me in all they want. I’m forgotten about, I’m avoided, an underdog whatever you want to call me.

“If there was a featherweight one you’d have Selby at the time, Warrington, Quigg and Frampton.

Walsh seemed gutted that the idea is not taking place this year after so much interest, proceeding to tell WBN about the tournament idea.

“We could have had a cracker but for some reason, I think money may be the main thing, none of us were playing we thought they were going to do a featherweight WBSS and I was begging.

“Warren has got the monopoly board, he’s got Selby for the next couple of fights I believe, Warrington and Frampton so he can do whatever he wants.

“I don’t know if I’m lucky enough to get it, I might have to start believing in Father Christmas because I think its unlikely for them guys to say yeah let’s give him a scrap.”

“Why would they, what do I bring to the table other than a real big banana skin – or a little banana skin – a 5ft5 banana skin,” he jokingly concluded.

Chandler Waller is a staff writer for World Boxing News. Follow Chandler on Twitter @ChandlerWaller