Mickey Roman warms up for WBC shot against Michel Marcano

Mexican Miguel “Mickey” Román fights Venezuelan Michel “El Gallo de Oro” Marcano on June 23 at the Juarez Fair, in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

Roman arrives at this match, atop of WBC super featherweight rating, after knocking out Nery “Pantera” Saguilán, Orlando ‘Siri’ Salido and the Colombian Aristides Perez.

This fight could well be his last stop, before facing champion Miguel “Alacrán” Berchelt.

In view of the importance of this combat, Román has pitched camp in Maywood, California, meticulously supervised by coach Rudy Hernández.

“I feel at home with Rudy, as we have a good work plan. There’s a large group of sparring partners who are helping me, including fighters from all over the world and every day we face different fighting styles.

“Now we are going against an undefeated knockout puncher and I can not afford a defeat, being so close to the world championship fight!

Venezuelans have recently sprung great surprises, but I am better than ever and ready, come what may. My fans will see a war. I will give them a great night with a great fight.”