Danny Dignum down twice in close win, Craig Richards and Sean McGoldrick victorious at York Hall

Chandler Waller 06/06/2018

Lawrence Lustig

In a great fight, fast combinations from Danny Dignum told as he got up close and personal with Anthony Fox. 

Both men looked to land significant blows in the first, but it was Dignum who started to land more body shots to weaken Fox and chase him down to force him onto the ropes.

The fight continued on the inside until Dignum landed an uppercut which sent Fox back a few steps. Dignum did get caught flush on the chin from a straight right as Fox applied pressure in the fourth and eventually hit the canvas. Fox landed simple combinations and put Dignum down again for a 10-7 round.

Into the fifth round, Dignum completely changes his game plan and looks to land counters. Rough and tumble ensued between the pair and Dignum was thrown to the floor twice, but no count was given.

Using the shoulder and turning his opponent, Dignum tried his best to avoid getting up close and worked out how to control the fight into the final round.

Looking tired, Dignum powered through leading with his jab and using the backhand when he can. Firing in the corner, it was all Dignum late on as he landed a successive straight right to the body just before the bell.

The ring official gave it close 57-56 for Dignum.

Craig Richards began proceedings but had a slow start. The light-heavyweight soon applied pressure late in round one and continued that success in the second.

Using chopping right hands to stun Bosko Misic, Richards connected with consecutive rights and a left hook to the body to end the fight in the third.

richards ll

A big pro-Sean McGoldrick crowd at York Hall witnessed the super-bantamweight carry his career momentum in the fight and land combinations at will.

Craig Derbyshire had some success in the second, but nothing to worry about as McGoldrick fired back with body shots almost dropping his man.

Into the third round, McGoldrick found it easy in there and ultimately made it his fight. Working behind the jab in the fourth, McGoldrick already looked to have the fight safely in the bag.

Dodging and countering, the Irishman had Derbyshire punching thin air most of the time. His opponent tried to battle it out in the final round but couldn’t get through.

In the end, McGoldrick won on points 60-54.

Chandler Waller is a staff writer for World Boxing News. Follow Chandler on Twitter @ChandlerWaller

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