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Another win for Pointdexter Knight, now 4-0

Knight of Philadelphia raised his mark to 4-0.

Despite being cut over his right eye from an accidental headbutt in the opening frame, the poised Knight dominated the action as he featured hard combinations that he worked behind an a accurate jab.

Knight, 22 of Philadelphia won by tallies of 40-36 twice, and 39-37.

“I got headbutted in the 1st round because my opponent kept coming in with his head down. I re-thought about things and kept my elbow up. It was a was a great learning experience because I had never been cut in my career. I kept my cool, made adjustments and dominated the fight.” said Knight.

“I am looking forward to getting back in the ring.”

Knight is managed by Split-T Management.

“Poindexter showed a lot because he had a live opponent in Jean Carlos Sepulveda, who was a real good amateur in Puerto Rico,” said Split-T Management CEO, David McWater. “He was cut early in the opening round and proceeded as nothing happened to his eye and dominated the fight.”

Knight is Promoted by Real Deal Entertainment