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Home » Billy Joe Saunders v Martin Murray FALLOUT gets BITTER with VENOMOUS social media exchanges

Billy Joe Saunders v Martin Murray FALLOUT gets BITTER with VENOMOUS social media exchanges

Murray, clearly upset at what had transpired when Saunders pulled out of the fight for a second time following a hamstring injury (hand the first time), St. Helens’ finest accused the Hatfield technician of double standards after a post about David Haye in the past.

Saunders had gone off on one about Haye withdrawing from three fights in a row, two against friend Tyson Fury in 2013, whilst Murray reminded the undefeated world champion of that fact in his musings.

He wrote: “I won’t keep going on about it and this is the last thing I’ll post about the whole situation, but this proves the type of person that he is.

“A post he put out a few years ago when Haye kept pulling out of a scheduled fight with Fury.

“It wasn’t acceptable when it was happening to someone he knew but now he’s doing it he thinks it’s ok. He’s an hypicrite with double standards and is an imposter!

“You wouldn’t hear the last of it if something like this happened to him and he’s just like a typical bully who only fights and tries to intimidate people he knows he can win.

“The sooner people realise that he won’t fight the likes of Golovkin or Canelo the better,” added Murray.

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Not one to take anything lying down, Saunders replied via an Instagram Live video on Monday, by stating: “I said those things because Tyson Fury spent about £90,000 on two training camps but there’s a big difference between me and David Haye.

“I make smart decisions, I’m undefeated and you’ve lost about ten times. I’m at the business end and when there are millions at stake I don’t take risks with an injury.

“I will fight anyone, anywhere. If you think I scared of you Martin Murray, I’ll be at Tyson Fury’s fight on Saturday night, come to see me face to face then.”

It’s a bitter end to what would have been a great fight but leaves two of Britain’s top middleweights on the lookout for new opponents in the near future.