Billy Joe Saunders unlikely to fight Gennady Golovkin or Canelo Alvarez this year

Vincent Ethier / EOTTM

One man in the know has outlined the plan for Gennady Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez for 2018 as he himself will be featuring on their rematch undercard. 

Irish middleweight contender Gary O’Sullivan has claimed on good authority that the second fight between GGG and Canelo will go ahead on September 15.

A row over the purse split had put the high-profile rematch in jeopardy, although O’Sullivan says GGG v Canelo 2 is on, as far as he’s concerned and he will then fight the winner in December.

This means any hopes Billy Joe Saunders has of securing a meeting with the top two 160 pounders in the world will certainly be on hold until 2019.

Asked on social media if he was fighting Canelo next, as expected if the Golovkin fight fell apart, O’Sullivan revealed all by saying: “As far as I’m aware the fight between GGG and Canelo will go ahead and I’ll be on the undercard. I’ll fight the winner once I win my fight.

“I was scheduled to fight Canelo in September after he was originally meant to fight GGG in May (but) then they got rescheduled for September.

“Now I’ll fight the winner of those two. (That) is my understanding and most likely in December, I hear.

“It’s been a long hard road but I’ve stayed on and learned from my defeats. I’m at my best and ready to take those belts when the time comes,” he added.

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O’Sullivan’s revelation means the best Saunders can hope for is to offer the loser a shot at his belt, although whoever that is may need to get back in the win column first.

Should Canelo lose out to Golovkin in the second bout, the Mexican could then be free to meet Saunders in Cinco de Mayo of next year.

A win for Golovkin and a December defense against O’Sullivan could then see Saunders hold out for an undisputed clash, but even then, that still leaves April as the earliest opportunity.

Two injuries have blighted Saunders’ attempts to fight Martin Murray, and with Golovkin and Canelo ready to trade blows again – according to ‘Spike’, the Briton could be on the outside looking in for the best part of ten months.