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Home » Klitschko brothers engage in war of words with ‘King of Trash talking’ Tyson Fury

Klitschko brothers engage in war of words with ‘King of Trash talking’ Tyson Fury

Fury used psychological warfare in defeating Klitschko back in November 2015, although Vitali branded the returning former champion simply ‘a trash talker’, recently. 

“Tyson Fury is the world champion of talking – trash talking! I wish him all the best but what he did was not good for boxing, is my personal opinion,” said Vitali Klitschko to BT Sport.

“Right now, Anthony Joshua is world champion. Very soon, Joshua will be a world star and after that a boxing legend.”

Speaking in regards to Fury being compared for ex-opponent Joshua, who defeated Klitschko in April 2017, Wladimir said: “I believe a full, complete, fighter is Anthony Joshua.

“He has been active, more active (than Tyson Fury), and he’s got this talent of being strong and mobile. He was born (as a fighter) on April 29 in London of last year.

“(This is) Because he took punishment as well. He got up, he continued, he won the fight. He had it not easy. I think that made him better and trust his own skills,” he added.

In a series of Instagram responses, Fury wasn’t taking the comments of the boxing legends lightly.

“Vitali, you say I’m the trash talking champion? Yes I am! And it worked against your brother!

“Keeps talking Anthony Joshua up because he gave him a 50/50, talk me up, you couldn’t land a blow on me!

“Man up and tell the truth. Stop being a sore loser,” said Fury.

June 9th is the date Fury embarks on his second coming in the sport, with Sefer Seferi standing in the way of a successful return to action in Manchester.