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Home » ‘GGG v Canelo 2 is ON! – I’m on the undercard and fighting the winner,’ says Spike O’Sullivan

‘GGG v Canelo 2 is ON! – I’m on the undercard and fighting the winner,’ says Spike O’Sullivan

A row over the purse split had reportedly put the high-profile rematch in jeopardy, although O’Sullivan says GGG v Canelo 2 is on, as far as he’s concerned.

Asked on social media if he was fighting Canelo next, as expected if the Golovkin fight fell apart, O’Sullivan revealed all by saying: “As far as I’m aware the fight between GGG and Canelo will go ahead and I’ll be on the undercard. I’ll fight the winner once I win my fight.

“I was scheduled to fight Canelo in September after he was originally meant to fight GGG in May (but) then they got rescheduled for September.

“Now I’ll fight the winner of those two. (That) is my understanding and most likely in December, I hear.

“It’s been a long hard road but I’ve stayed on and learned from my defeats. I’m at my best and ready to take those belts when the time comes,” he added.

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An original date of September 15 was on the cards, with Canelo suspended until August and likely to jump straight in with Golovkin without a warm-up

WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman is keen for the fight to go ahead on the Mexican holiday date after making his feelings know recently.

“What happened is that Golovkin is asking for the modification of an agreement that they agreed upon to fight each other in May,” Sulaiman told ESPN Deportes.

“I do not know what amounts, but my feeling is that he is sacrificing pounds for a few cents.

“If your interest is to show that you are the best, that you are the champion and will beat Canelo, you have everything ready to sign and get into the ring on September 15.

“That would be the recommendation that I would give to him,” he added.

More is set to come to light in the next few weeks, and with Billy Joe Saunders now available later this year, Golovkin may even look into using the Briton as a back-up in case the contest falls apart again for whatever reason.