EXCLUSIVE: The Brixx Brothers – Floyd Mayweather bodyguards not your average ‘Juicehead Turkeys’

Brixx Brothers Floyd Mayweather

At a glance, whenever you see Floyd Mayweather he is always accompanied by his team of bodyguards. They surround him as their solid muscles are showcased from their tanks and t-shirts. 

During the height of the Mayweather vs. McGregor press tour, a crowd uproar was united as Mayweather shouted the words, “Form Voltron.” Within seconds the BrixxBrothers, Mayweather’s top bodyguards, were seen at the forefront surrounding Connor McGregor as they created an ultimate muscle wall.

It was during this time. The BrixxBrothers gained major notoriety as McGregor deemed the dynamic muscular duo as “Juicehead Turkeys.”

After, many even questioned if these men could pass a USADA test. However, the catch is these men are 100 percent natural. Greg La Rosa and Ray Sadeghi, also known as the BrixxBrothers, are not your average ‘juiceheads.’ In fact, they impact the lives of cancer patients. They are actively meeting with medical experts to create change in the health industry.

“It is our goal to help create progress and options for all people in the health community,” says La Rosa. “We want to help people overcome illnesses and give everyone a chance to live a healthier life.”

As high-profile bodyguards for one of the world’s top athletes, life for BrixxBrothers is far from predictable. With a constant spotlight and screaming crowds, their 24/7 fast-paced lifestyle often takes place on the road. However, while the BrixxBrothers may find themselves traveling five days a week to different countries, they still have life in perspective.

Hence, the BrixxBrothers dedicated a large portion of their off time to working in the lab to help impact the lives of cancer patients and the health industry by creating their own CBD oil.

After meeting, Taylor, a 10-year-old boy with terminal cancer, was inspired to help find a solution to ease his pain. Due to the amount of pain he was experiencing, Taylor was on morphine for 4 years. However, after the BrixxBrothers gave him the CBD oil, he stopped complaining about pain and no longer took morphine. In addition to minimizing his pain levels, Taylor’s white blood cells increased from zero to over 300 while taking the CBD oil.

“This CBD oil has no THC. It only helps aid against pain and illnesses,” says La Rosa. “It doesn’t alter the brain.”

brixxbros 2

Floyd Mayweather’s bodyguards have created a product line to help cancer patients and give back to the health community.

For Ray Sadeghi, an avid participant in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and boxing, the elements of fitness and health have always played a major role in his life.

While participating in mixed martial arts, he graduated with a degree in dentistry and completed his medical studies soon after.

As a fighter, paying close attention to detail was driven into his DNA. Whether evaluating his weight for competitions or using fighter instincts to observe his surroundings, Sadeghi always seems to appear at the wrong place at the right time.

Wherever Sadeghi finds himself, he lends a helping hand. For Sadeghi, even if it is aiding a lady who passed out at a Mayweather press tour. Or helping bandage a man’s eye to put in a temporary rubber filling for a man with a broken tooth, “giving back to the health community is a no brainer.”

In working as the right-hand man to a world-class athlete, the BrixxBrothers are exposed to all aspects of health and fitness around the clock. With their busy schedules, La Rosa and Sadeghi understand that it’s not always easy or practical to go to the gym. “Everyone wants to get in shape, but a lot of the images and workouts we are exposed to aren’t practical. You can enjoy yourself and still have fun with health,” said La Rosa.

According to the BrixxBrothers, they are striving to become a banner for change. The BrixxBrothers aim to further work with medical experts in the health industry in a continual search for improvements so that more people will be able to transform their lives. Additionally, after conducting extensive research, the BrixxBrothers created an all-natural supplement to target everyday people regardless of their size and fitness background.

“There is so much bad advice out there. You don’t have to be a bodybuilder to get muscles,” said La Rosa. “You can get muscle naturally.”

Within the realm of fitness, the BrixxBrothers also give back to those in need by offering practical advice. According to Sadeghi, fitness goals should not be set based upon what others are doing.

Instead, they should be designed to help you become a better person than you were yesterday.

Often, they receive messages on Instagram from children and adults who want help creating and obtaining their fitness goals.

Surprisingly, the BrixxBrothers reply to each of their messages providing workouts, nutritional guidance, and fitness tips. For them, it is all about helping others reach attainable goals.

As for Greg La Rosa, sports and fitness played a major role in his life early on. It started with participating in karate as a child.

Later, he began training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and continues to practice with former pros in his spare time.

A former professional roller hockey player, La Rosa has always had a passion for helping others achieve their health and fitness goals.

After meeting Taylor and receiving messages from children asking for health tips, La Rosa became inspired to enter the health industry deeper. “I receive a lot of messages from people of all ages who want to live a healthier life and get in shape but, they often don’t have the resources or means,” explained La Rosa. “I’m here to help change that.”

Over the course of months, along with Sadeghi, La Rosa devoted his time handpicking natural ingredients to create supplements that would help others transform their lives into a healthier lifestyle. In addition to serving others, La Rosa also helps care for animals on his ranch.

Being particularly health-conscious, he adheres to a specific diet that is mainly vegan. La Rosa can be noted as a person who wants to make sure others are taken care of. In the future, he and his fiancé plan to open a therapeutic riding center for disabled children.

“One-hundred percent,” reiterated LaRosa. “We will give back.”

Much more than just your average “juiceheads,” the BrixxBrothers who guard one of the world’s top athletes have made it their major priority to give back to the community.

Although they have many accolades, the BrixxBrothers want to be remembered as people who helped others. The emerging BrixxBrothers are proof that one can be both brawn and caring.

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