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Home » Dan Pasciolla looks forward to Quian Davis clash on Friday

Dan Pasciolla looks forward to Quian Davis clash on Friday

The 32 year-old native of Brick, New Jersey signed on to fight Quian Davis (4-0-2, 2 KOs) this Friday night at The Showboat Hotel in Atlantic City, and was informed that the fight would be for the vacant title.

That was news to Pasciolla and his manager Rich Masini, as the pair believed that Pasciolla was still the champion.

“I have been waiting for a fight. I was in camp in Poland, and I am in better shape. My goal is to get in the ring, and show a different Dan Pasciolla,” said the 5-year veteran.

When asked about Davis, Pasciolla is ready for his undefeated opponent.

“I know he did not have much of an amateur career. He is just another guy that I will be getting into the ring with. Experience plays a factor, and I bring much more than that on Friday. I have been working hard, and things are coming together,”

Pasciolla is not letting the fact the he is already fighting for a belt that he already owns get in the way of his preparation.

“I am not sure why there is a new title since I already am the champion, but I will walk out with 2 belts on Friday. It is very important because it represents my state, so it is a big deal to me. I do not do a lot of talking. I will do my talking between the ropes.”

“This is a funny and crazy business at times,” said Pasciolla’s manager , Rich Masini. “Dan beat Mayfield for the state title, It is even recognized on, but somehow, I guess that doesn’t count anymore, but Dan will enter the ring with that belt, and apparently now we are fighting for the same title but a different belt. That aside, Dan will be fighting a tough opponent. Dan is used to being the underdog, but he relishes that role. Dan has worked very hard, and he has transformed his body and is in great shape.”

“I am sure Davis has trained hard. I just think it is very ironic that the same man is fighting for another belt of the same title that he already owns. I have been in boxing for 30 years, so nothing ever surprises me. I am glad that Rising Star Promotions is giving us another opportunity. The reason that I manage fighters is that there is good men out there, and Dan is a great man, who will be ready for his opponent on Friday night.”