WATCH: Junior Witter in Judge Rinder TV courtroom drama, denied rent arrears due to technicality


Former world champion Junior Witter appeared on Judge Rinder in a re-run this week as he attempted to claim money back from rent owed by a former tenant.

‘Stephen’ – now an ex-friend, owed £1600 pounds to the one-time WBC title holder from their time living together in 2008.

Rinder was just about to rule in favour of Witter when he noted the technicality inside the claim’s paperwork.

Witter had brought the case to court in 2017, despite Stephen owing the cash nine years prior and the case was immediately dismissed as the six-year deadline had expired.

As Witter faced up the fact he lost out due to an admin error, Stephen proceed to gloat – stating ‘he’d won and Junior had lost’ despite all his championships won in boxing.

The 44 year-old’s appearance on Judge Rinder last year follows stablemate Kell Brook’s recent foray onto The Jeremy Kyle Show.

Watch the video by Judge Rinder