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Home » Carlos Cuadras KO’s addiction problems, vows to win WBC 118lb belt

Carlos Cuadras KO’s addiction problems, vows to win WBC 118lb belt

The former WBC super flyweight champion explained: “I am here, in front of all of you, together with my dear President Don Mauricio, to tell you that I am a new man who managed to get out of the hell of addictions, a world I should never have known and to which, I assure you, I will never return.

“I do not pretend to justify myself, much less to blame anyone, I know that I am the only one responsible for choosing a wrong path.

“The depression of my last fights led me to make wrong decisions, and I hit rock bottom. I saw myself lost, I was devastated after not being able to be a worthy champion of the world, like those idols for which I undertook this quest.

“Those were difficult times. A life lesson made me learn, my rehabilitation was not only physical but also spiritual.

“Today I value my family even more. I value my career as a boxer, the one that thrilled the public and that always put on high the name of Mexico.

“Today a new man is in front of you. A more mature dedicated and stronger man than ever. I am willing myself to return to the path of success, I want to be world champion again and turn my experience into something positive, to be an example.”

Carlos explained that in the near future and following the protocols established by the WBC, he will fight in the bantamweight division because he recognized that he doesn’t feel ok anymore in the super flyweight category. He even asked the WBC leader for a chance to fight for the world title.

In wholehearted support World Boxing Council President Mauricio Sulaiman did not rule out giving Carlos that opportunity; however, he was emphatic in saying that Cuadras must comply with certain protocols to ensure that his return to the ring is totally safe for him.

He also recognized that Cuadras has been and will always be one of the boxers most loved by the WBC and that today is a very important day because as he said, it takes a lot of courage to recognize an addiction, but it is even more necessary to further progress by acknowledging it publically.

Mauricio then said to Carlos Cuadras: “Yesterday, today and tomorrow, the WBC will always be with you.”