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Roberto Duran opens Stone Sport Cafe in Panama City

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One of the most important objectives of the WBA is to accompany the athletes during their career and even when they have finished their sporting life. The oldest body in the world always reaches out to legends and this Tuesday was with Roberto “Manos de Piedra” Durán in Panama City for the opening of his new restaurant, Stone Sport Café.

A large number of personalities and the national press gathered to see the new project of the former Panamanian champion.

The new venue promises to be a benchmark for gastronomy in the Central American country and its link with boxing gives a special touch to the place.

The WBA members present by the hand of the president of the Committee of Classifications, Miguel Prado and Alfredo Mendoza, son of President Gilberto Jesus Mendoza, who could not go for reasons of higher power.

Both handed a symbolic belt to Durán, which will rest in the restaurant so that diners and tourists can be photographed with the important replica of the World Title.

“We are not here to talk about Durán’s great career, his 103 victories, his five decades of fighting, four world championships, no. We are here to celebrate the opening of this Stone Sport Café.

On behalf of the World Boxing Association and Gilberto Jesus Mendoza, president of the association, we want to deliver this symbolic belt,” said Prado, while Durán received the belt from the hand of Alfredo Mendoza.

“Gilberto, I love you so much, thanks for remembering me, thank you for sending your son Alfredo. I know that you always have me in mind and we will always be in contact.

“This friendship is never going to be lost, I love you very much, a kiss for you and your wife,” said the legendary Panamanian in words addressed directly to Mendoza and his family.