Luis Nery bout cancelled following WBC suspension intervention

RINGSIDE 29/05/2018

The World Boxing Council has been informed via the media, that former WBC bantamweight world champion Luis Nery is scheduled to fight June 9, which has caused great confusion within the world boxing community as he’s currently suspended indefinitely by the WBC in accordance with the pronouncement of March 2. 

Along with his representatives, Luis Nery attended an audience with the WBC on March 9.

During this hearing, the position of the WBC was to reach a settlement, after considering the best way to help the boxer return to the ring. And also to contest the world championship of the World Boxing Council… eventually.

WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman clearly put forward two options to Luis Nery. The first was for him to accept the conditions of the WBC, in order to correct the problems which led him to lose the world title. Or the second option, was for Nery to ignore the body… and pursue his career on a different path.

Nery’s clarified that he would follow any regulation imposed by the WBC.

We deeply regret the decision of Nery to fight while being suspended by the WBC. Due to this action, it is clear that his decision has changed.

There were files presented during Nery’s hearing, in which several serious failures were committed.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to address them, after Nery taking this course of action.

Sincerely, World Boxing Council