Bareknuckle promoters break new ground, add more rounds to championship fight

Ringside 29/05/2018

Promoters UBBAD break new ground with a SEVEN ROUND bareknuckle fight next month.

Sean George and Liam Cullen will fight over the longer distance for the vacant world lightweight championship at the O2 Indigo on Saturday, June 9.

‘’The quality of fighters is improving all the time,’’ said UBBAD co-founder Jim Freeman, ‘’and with more fights going the distance, we decided to add more rounds.’’

George-Cullen is a rematch.

The pair fought out a draw in January – and George reckons the seven-round distance in the rematch suits him.

‘’I was getting well on top towards the end of the first fight,’’ said the 34 year-old Welshman.

“I know what to expect this time.

“He’s a points scorer and I’m going to jump all over him. I will be ready to go the full seven rounds, but I reckon I will get him out in three or four.

“It’s going to be pressure, pressure from me. He will try to move – and I will shut him down.”

Cullen is also confident.

‘’Sean is a tough, tough boy,’’ said the 32 year old who’s based in Leeds, but was raised in Essex.

‘’I thought I beat him last time, but I was nowhere near 100 per cent that night.

‘’My daughter had a ruptured appendix and I had a week in hospital with her when I should have been in the gym.

‘’This time I’m fully focused and the result will be different.

‘’I’m not sure how I lost that first fight. I was sure I did enough, but I will make sure this time.’’

Cullen is a hardened fighter. He started competing at six years old and has fought in Muay Thai, K1 and kickboxing around the world, while George is also a seasoned kickboxer who admits he’s nearing the end of his ring career.

“This is in my blood,” he said, “and it’s going to be hard to walk away from something I’ve been doing for so long.

“It depends how long my missus lets me carry on.

“We’ve got two young children and at the end of this year, I’m going to have to have a rethink.”