Callum Smith explains why he’d rather face George Groves than Chris Eubank Jr. in WBSS Final

Groves v Smith 27/05/2018

Callum Smith is pinning all his World Boxing Super Series hopes on George Groves being ready in the next couple of months.

‘Mundo’ was due to contest the Season 1 finale against Groves this month until ‘The Saint’ suffered an injury in his semi-final against Chris Eubank Jr.

Groves asked for an extension until July, although WBSS organizers were rumored to be considering Eubank Jr. as a stand-in with the WBA title holder dropping out.

This hasn’t gone down well with Smith, who says he only entered the tournament in order to be guaranteed a world championship chance, which would only happen against Groves.

“He’s the main reason I entered this tournament. There’s a lot of other reasons, but the main reason was to win a world title,” Smith told Sky Sports

“I feel like I’m at that stage in my career now, where to beat anyone other than a world champion, I wouldn’t really get any credit for it.

“I feel I’m ready to fight one of the champions, and Groves was the champion in this tournament. I had a feeling he would be on the other side of the final, providing I got there, and I picked him to beat Eubank Jr.

“I’ve said for a while now, I believe I’ve got the beating of him and I just need the chance to prove it.

“Such is my luck, he’s injured, and there are doubts over it, but I would rather wait and fight him, than fight another stand-in (Eubank Jr).

“I’ve said I would rather wait and fight Groves. He’s got the world title, which is what I entered the tournament for.

“It’s what I’ve wanted since turning pro and it seems to be running away from me. I will catch it someday.

“I feel like I would get more credit, more reward, more everything for beating George Groves, than I would Chris Eubank Jr,” he added.

Smith may get his wish after making his feelings clear, with WBSS looking into the possibility of delaying a Groves final until August or September.

Attempts to draft in Eubank would potentially run the risk of Groves and Smith being out of a final they both earned and could lead to farcical circumstances for the WBSS down the line.