Exclusive: Sam Jones lobbies for Ty Mitchell to be given second chance following prison term

Chandler Waller 25/05/2018

Team Mitchell

Ty Mitchell looks to return to the boxing ring with his criminal conviction looming over an imminent BBBofC decision. 

Close friend Sam Jones hopes Ty gets a second and final chance.

After serving time in jail for manslaughter, Ty Mitchell hopes to re-enter the professional boxing ring.

Jones who knows Mitchell well had some strong views on how the situation is being handled. In an exclusive interview with WBN, he said:

“What is the point in a justice system? It’s a horrific situation which ended in a loss of life which is terrible. When he was a young man, he found himself in a regrettable situation and it’s going to live with him forever.”

Mitchell was convicted of manslaughter after a brawl outside a Leeds nightclub. Close to six years after the incident, Mitchell wants to continue pursuing his professional boxing career.

Jones wishes to see his friend do exactly that.

“Its a situation where manslaughter is different to murder, no matter what anybody says otherwise he’d still be in prison now, he’s a devoted dad and everyone knows about him.

“I just think he deserves a second chance. Say if somebody went to jail, they came out and they specialize in plumbing, he’s gonna get another chance in plumbing, it just so happens that Ty is a really talented fighter,” he added.

mitchell son

Jones even went on to say he believes Mitchell is ready to face top competition upon his return if BBBofC approval is forthcoming.

“Although his record wouldn’t suggest, he can compete with the top boys now, especially domestically.

“He’s served his time, he’s been knocked back a couple of times by the board, its time to just give him a second and last chance.”

With Jones eager to see Mitchell return to the ring, he stated that he’s had punishment and should be able to provide for his family.

“You’re basically telling him he can’t earn a living because that’s what he’s good at, we all have talents and that’s his – he’s a fighter!

“I don’t think its fair in a way, its not like he’s not been punished. He’s been punished enough. He’s got his own family to provide for and why are we stopping him from doing that, he’s a grown man now.”

From a first hand view, Jones has seen his friend spar some of the best in the world.

Mitchell who holds a record of 3-2 [2KOs] would return as a light heavyweight should he get the green light from the BBBofC. 

When asked by WBN what his plans are to help Mitchell get back on board, he replied: “I’m not actively involved with him but he’s a good friend of mine, from the same city and his record won’t suggest it but I’ve seen him spar with the Tyson Fury’s of the world and he more than handles himself.

“He’s a natural light heavyweight, we’re talking about a lot of talent which is going to waste here. I really do think that he deserves a second and final chance, just to earn a living.”

Mitchell left a hole in both families which were a part of the incident, Jones expressed his emotions for the families involved.

“It’s such a sad situation resulting in a loss of life which is absolutely horrendous and for the other family – everybody lost.

“Ty’s got a mum and dad who had to see their son go away, the other family obviously suffered the worst in the world.

“If it wasn’t manslaughter he would be in prison now. He’s come out, he’s served his time and there’s no point in a justice system if we’re not giving people second chances.

mitchell whyte

“He’s sparred the likes of Dillian Whyte, Tyson Fury, Hughie Fury, just give him a second chance, its almost like they’re telling him ‘alright go work in Sainsbury’s’.”

Mitchell’s talent like many others is a grace which keeps them off the streets, Jones remarked this and Mitchell’s dad’s commendable efforts.

“His talent I know it’s a strange one but it’s punching people in the face. That’s why there’s professional boxing, it gets kids off the street.

His dad for over two decades has been taking kids off the street and keeping them out of trouble by putting them in the boxing gym.”

Clifton Mitchell is praised for his community project One Nation Boxing Gym where he focuses on keeping kids off the street and coaching them through boxing.

Jones decided to conclude with a reminder of the heart-warming actions of Mitchell’s father.

“Everybody knows his dad Clifton Mitchell because he’s a huge character in Derby but he takes kids off the street and gives them an opportunity to take up boxing, teaching them to box keeps them off the street.

“That’s his dad, give the lad a chance to get his life back. That’s his talent, his skill and let him provide for his son which is one of the main things,” concluded Jones.

Chandler Waller is a staff writer for World Boxing News. Follow Chandler on Twitter @ChandlerWaller