Ishe Smith questions Adrien Broner motives, ‘slave deal’ element behind Eddie Hearn rejection

Ishe Smith

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Former world super-welterweight champion Ishe Smith is at a loss to explain why Adrien Broner publicly outed Eddie Hearn’s offer of a $6.75m three-fight deal.

Broner took to social media to give Hearn a dressing down for what ‘The Problem’ labeled ‘a slave deal’ before rejecting the contract.

Hearn was looking to make Broner his first marquee signing for a maiden event under the recent $1 billion Perform / DAZN partnership, although Broner took upon himself to shame the Matchroom Boss via social media – and Smith has questioned why.

“Why not go back to the table to negotiate? Why publicly sham the deal?” – asked Smith.

“I know plenty of people who are broke who find calling a deal that massive a slave deal highly disrespectful.

“If you don’t like the deal just say no deal…no need to go public. Bosses don’t move like that!

“Since when did 6.5 million become slave wages (anyway)?

“I’m curious…bosses just don’t move that way man. These kids have a lot to learn.”

Smith continued: “Furthermore, I just don’t get why he exposed the man like that. I’m seriously scratching my head.

“If you don’t like it just turn it down and move on. Another question what kind of money was he expecting? 5 mill per? Just confused.

“Must be noted I’ve only heard slave wages one other time in my career, it was a very long time ago.

“The man you supposedly despise is a man you yearn to be like. If you aren’t good at being yourself, just what are you good at,” he added.

The funny thing about the deal is that Broner may still be open to an improved deal, although whether Hearn would even risk another private conversation going public could be another matter entirely.

Add to that the fact Broner hasn’t scored a victory since February 2017 and the American could potentially do a lot worse than what Hearn has placed on the table.