‘I’ve had it cut off!’ – ex-promoter Kellie Maloney all woman after final gender reassignment op

Ex-Lennox Lewis and David Price handler Kellie Maloney, former Frank. has revealed the final operation of her transition has now been completed. 

The 62 year-old has spent the last four years undergoing several procedures and is now all woman, as she stated this week.

“I’m a fully-fledged female now. I had it cut off and replaced,” Maloney said, according to Female First.

“Now I’m very relaxed, happy and open about my life.”

Speaking about the transition to Kent Online, Maloney recalled wanting everything done in quick manner.

“It changes your figure – your breasts grow and your skin gets softer – but I wanted instant success.

“The doctor had to remind me that I needed to be on them for 18 months to two years for them to have an effect.”

Speaking about the breakdown of her marriage to Tracy once the transition was out in the open, Maloney added:

“As a result, Tracy started blaming herself.

“I’m a fully-fledged female now … now I’m very relaxed, happy and open about my life.

“She asked me if I was having an affair and if I was gay. I said no to both and looked at her and said ‘I’m the same as you; I always believed I should have been a female’.

“I regretted saying it initially because I knew our marriage would be over. I also realised then that there wasn’t any going back.”

On the potential to begin dating, the former promoter of undisputed heavyweight champion Lewis was open and honest as ever.

 “Dating is a sad topic for me. I’m having problems with love. I want to date, of course, but it’s hard. I’ve been on a few good dinner dates with men but when they realise who I am, they make up an excuse and leave or never contact me again.

“I think they’re scared of being judged or it’ my history in boxing – I don’t know,” said Maloney.