Exclusive: Smith v Groves / Eubank – Tommy Langford makes predictions for both WBSS scenarios

Thomas Davison 23/05/2018

WBSS / Mark Robinson

Tommy Langford broke down how he sees both potential scenarios for the World Boxing Super Series super middleweight final in an exclusive interview with WBN. 

There has been speculation that Chris Eubank Jr. could fill in for George Groves if ‘The Saint’ can’t recover from the shoulder injury he picked up against Eubank Jr. in their semi-final, in time to face Callum Smith.

Langford was scheduled to fight Eubank Jr a couple of years ago before the latter declared he was above British level and pulled out of the fight.

Discussing how he thinks a Smith v Eubank Jr. final would play out, Langford told World Boxing News: “To be fair as much as what has happened with Eubank; and I don’t think he is a good boxer.

“To give him credit, he is always in a scrap and leaves it all on the line. He’s exciting and people want to watch him.

“Although the purists of boxing like me want to see a world champion given the shot like James Degale, that’s not going to happen.

“Eubank Jr. lost to George Groves and showed his flaws and if he did step in with Callum he would lose more convincingly.

The second outcome and the one which is looking more likely right now is that the final is delayed to allow Groves to compete.

Langford gave his thoughts on how he thinks that bout could play out.

“That is such a great fight, I can see it ending two ways, I would say Groves has the power going into the fight; his jab is terrific but his straight right hand is amazing.

“Callum to me boxing wise is the best one out there, he has all the attributes he always gets it right on the night. He has an amazing shot selection.

“Groves would be the biggest puncher and most dangerous fighter he has been in with.

“I don’t know if you could say the same about Callum for Groves, because he’s been in with the likes of Badou Jack and Degale but you could argue he is the best boxer at this stage. He is probably is the best technical fighter Groves has been in with.

“Even though Groves has been in with Degale, I favour Callum in the boxing (stakes) but I see Groves with the edge in power.

“I think it’s the best world title fight out there at super middleweight, it’s a true 50/50 for the fans,” Langford concluded.

Thomas Davison is a staff writer for World Boxing News. Follow Thomas on Twitter @thomasdavison93