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Home » EXCLUSIVE: Eric Molina GIVES REACTION to TWO-YEAR UKAD suspension


Molina was in the process of an interview with WBN to confirm the Wach fight was going ahead as planned despite travel issues when a media barrage on the story was released.

Immediately heading home from the airport, Molina gave WBN his initial reaction to the news he faces the possibility of being out of action until October 2019.

“Listen, the test was two years ago and now I want to bring some stuff to light,” Molina exclusively told World Boxing News.

“I’m banned for an anti-inflammatory that was found in my system from a B12 shot which was proven to have no PED effect on my system.

“This is my first offense of any substance. It’s an anti-inflammatory and I’m given a two-year ban?

“This makes no sense and this is what is wrong with boxing,” he added.

Obviously alluding to the recent situation regarding Canelo Alvarez, Molina questioned why such a harsh sentence would be handed down by UKAD.

“This was always funny to me when I have heard of fighters all over the world that have been caught using an actual steroid (or Clenbuterol – a steroid-type) and have been suspended months for three to six months.

“I have never used a PED (performance enhancing drug) and to be given the max penalty is just flat out dumb.

“Fighters that have been caught two or three times with actual steroids in their system and have been given months out. As I said, this is exactly what is wrong with boxing.”

Asked whether his fight with Wach would be cancelled, Molina said it was too early to tell.

“I have no clue, to be honest, but I am upset about the whole thing,” said Molina.

The sheer timescale of the UKAD confirmation of the ban does seem strange as a whole seventeen months have passed since the fight in question against Anthony Joshua.

‘Drummer Boy’ gave a urine sample after the third round loss and was only informed a full year and change later of his adverse finding, having fought two interim fights in the meantime.

Procedures must be fast-tracked for the good of the sport, which was the case with Canelo, as Molina contemplates an appeal and seeks to find out whether he can continue his career in the coming months.

Phil Jay is Editor of World Boxing News. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay