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Home » Armin Mrkanovic wins six-rounder, eyes Josh Himes rematch

Armin Mrkanovic wins six-rounder, eyes Josh Himes rematch

Mrkanovic controlled the action, and won by shutout scores of 60-54 on all cards to up his record to 8-3.

The bout was the 1st ring appearance for Mrkanovic since his highly controversial defeat against Josh Himes that took place last June 24th in West Virginia.

In that bout, Mrkanovic should have been awarded the bout as he outboxed Himes, and even asked for a review of the fight by the UBF, but his requests fell on deaf ears, and now Mrkanovic is demanding a rematch for the UBF title.

“1st of all, it was good to come back and get a win. It its always special to perform in front of my hometown fans,” said Mrkanovic, whose focus quickly turned to Himes and the UBF.

“I demand a rematch with Himes. The UBF told me that they would make this happen, and to this point they have been silent. Everyone who saw the fight knows that I got screwed, so it is only right that we do this rematch. Himes knows what happened. He has not even fought since our fight. I am ready now, so hopefully the UBF and Himes do the right thing and make this happen.”