Mares: I’m a new man compared to first Santa Cruz fight

Kid Hersh 21/05/2018

The three time world champion Abner Mares feels so comfortable in his camp in California, that he is sure that Leo Santa Cruz and all the boxing fans will realize the improvements he has achieved with Robert Garcia, and he does not doubt for a second that he will leave the Staples Center June 9 with the Super Championship of the World Boxing Association in his hands.

A little less than a month after their first battle in Los Angeles, Mares (31-2-1, 15 KOs) said he was very comfortable with the work done in the camp, and stressed that from the physical form to the strategy, Leo (34-1-1, 19 knockouts) will face a renewed Abner, mentally strong and motivated to get revenge for the defeat that the Mexican also gave him in August 2015.

“I feel that all the changes we have made have been for the better, we have improved the strategy substantially, I can even say that I feel more secure with Robert Garcia in my corner, I have said it before and I repeat, I am a new man inside of the ring and that will make the difference compared to our first fight, ” said the Mexican idol.

“When the bell rings, people will see the differences in me and I am sure that this time the story will be different because I will get much better,” said the former world champion at bantamweight and super bantamweight, as well as current WBA Featherweight champion since December 2016, when he defeated the Argentinian Jesus Cuellar.

With Robert Garcia in the corner, the Mexican Olympic athlete beat Cuellar and also the Mexican Andres ‘Jaguar’ Gutierrez last October, to make the first successful defense of the 126-pound title.

The rematch between Mares and Santa Cruz will come two years and nine months after the first fight, so Abner can say, if he wins, that revenge is a dish that tastes better cold. Leo’s motivation for giving the victory to his father, who fights every day against cancer, is nothing to brush off and it will make the fight between the two Mexican rivals very interesting in Los Angeles.