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Home » Esmeralda Moreno retains WBC belt with Yesenia Gomez draw

Esmeralda Moreno retains WBC belt with Yesenia Gomez draw

In the opening round, Esmeralda tried to cut the distance and neutralize the height and reach advantage of Yesenia via sheer aggression. In round two both threw caution to the wind and fought some thrilling two-fisted exchanges.

Yesenia was effectively going to the body, switching upstairs to snap Esmeralda’s head back with two crisp and stinging right hands. Just before the bell rang, the pair got tangled and Esmeralda toppled to the canvass, but it was merely a slip and slide.

In round three Esmeralda landed higher volume of punches, with the harder punches as Yesenia was milling on the retreat. By the fifth, Yesenia was better measuring distance, countering well in increasingly fierce exchanges ending the round with a hard left hook to Esmeralda’s head.

In the sixth, a good right hook to the head by Yesenia, but Esmeralda was having greater success in turning it into a brawl. Eight years older than Yesenia, aged thirty Esmeralda was showing no signs of tiring. the maestro against the new kid on the block.

At the beginning of round seven Yesenia drilled Esmeralda with a sharp right hook to the head. With the will of a champion, Esmeralda fought back magnificently unleashing a mighty left hook which caught Yesenia to the side of her head and wobbled her.

In the eighth Esmeralda pounded Yesenia to the head with short left-right combinations a left uppercut and right hook. And Yesenia countered with jarring long left jabs. The intensity was ratcheted up in the ninth and in the tenth and final round, both went for broke. Esmeralda went into total war mode to be caught with some snappy counters, concluding a tremendous contest.

The Judges’ cards registered totals 95-95 twice and 97-93 for Yesenia, so a draw means Esmeralda retains her Green and Gold laurels. The more obvious conclusion will be a rematch!