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Home » Blow-up sheep, racism, and bus attack: A quiet Selby-Warrington weigh-in

Blow-up sheep, racism, and bus attack: A quiet Selby-Warrington weigh-in

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Leeds fans, taking to the scaling to support Warrington, have been accused by Selby’s team of attacking the team bus once formalities had concluded.

In a further twist, a member of Warrington’s entourage, former fighter Nick Manners (who once fought Joe Calzaghe) has been accused of racism after bringing two blow-up sheep to the weight proceedings.

Selby’s manager Jamie Sanigar spoke about the controversial incidents in the aftermath.

“Licensed BBBoC trainer Nick Manners had two blow up sheep to try and antagonise Lee,” manager Jamie Sanigar told Wales Online.

“This is a racist overtone and has been reported to Robert Smith at the BBBoC.

“As we left the weigh-in, the team including Lee were attacked as we tried to leave in the van.

“Lee and all of the team are fine and are ready for Saturday night.”

With Manners reported, it’s uncertain whether he’ll be able to continue in his role alongside Warrington ahead of what is a defining night for the home fighter.

Weights from Leeds: 

Featherweight world champion Lee Selby and undefeated contender Josh Warrington made weight ahead of their clash for the IBF Featherweight World Title this Saturday, May 19.


Lee Selby – 125 ¾

Josh Warrington – 125

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