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Home » Exclusive: Brian Phillips talks Eddie Hearn / Perform tweet, throws hat into the DAZN ring

Exclusive: Brian Phillips talks Eddie Hearn / Perform tweet, throws hat into the DAZN ring

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Keen Liverpudlian prospect Brian Phillips has aired his views on the deal and #TheFutureofBoxing hashtag.

Matchroom USA’s new deal with Perform sees the massive amount of $1 billion spread out over eight years for the continued promotional company’s success.

Hearn stated that if there are fighters out there with no promotional contract, he wants them, and young Phillips is eager to get the ball rolling by replying to the tweet showing his interest.

‘I have no promotional contract, can fight and believe in my ability’, – stated Phillips at the time.

When asked by WBN about the scenario, he exclusively replied: “Nothing went forward from me sending that tweet, I was just putting it out there, why not?

“I just wanted to see if anyone did see it. You have, so someone else could have and it was worth a tweet.”

Showing his understanding of how the modern boxing generation works, the 24 year old told expressed his interest in fighting on the new model.

“I’d fight on any platform and anywhere really but that is probably the best deal out there now. It’s very good what he’s doing with boxing,” Phillips said about Hearn.

“I think from my point of view he should look after a few of his English fighters first – some of the kids who haven’t got contracts such as myself and then go over there and see if America looks after them.”

Eddie Hearn’s new deal has a lot of capital equal to $125 million a year or $7.81 million a show. The ginormous asset and live viewing including a non-PPV element (included in the press conference) is leading many to speculate that Matchroom boxing will spearhead boxing.

Giving his view, Phillips added: “It probably will dominate American boxing, although the Americans aren’t really lacking on anything really, they do big shows over there.

“In the end, it’s just good for the UK fans to get to see the Americans fight and vice versa,” he concluded.

Chandler Waller is a staff writer for World Boxing News. Follow Chandler on Twitter @ChandlerWaller